Greetings to all the MCPaIRSTM subscribers. In this last quarter of 2016, Molecular Connections invites you to its latest newsletter released from MCPaIRSTM – a proprietary of Molecular Connections for December 2016. This issue intends to furnish you the detailed analysis of patent data along with some interesting new patents published for this quarter.

Indian Patents Distribution

In this quarter (Oct-Dec, 2016), Indian Patent Office (IPO) has published around 4317 patent applications and granted 1791 patents.

Trends in Indian Patents Publication – AUTOMOTIVE Sector

In this quarter, MCPaIRSTM brings to you the current and the most recent analysis on the publication trends along with a special report on automotive industry.

On estimating the publication trends, we find that, BOSCH tops the applicant's list this season and inventions on ‘GEARING’ (F16H) have gained more focus. You can quickly check the other top assignees, most active inventors and the most popular IPC codes in below sections.
MCPaIRSTM users can view more such reports at a click of a button on ‘My MCPaIRSTM and discover interesting patent publication patterns for this quarter.


Emerging Technology in Automotive Sector – Electric Vehicles

We bring to you a detailed sector analysis chart for Electric Vehicles patents compiled from all the patents published in three months.





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