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Trends in Indian Patent publications – Top applicants, inventors & IPC codes of the quarter Powered by MCPaIRSTM
The third quarter issue intends to furnish the top scorers in terms of highest number of publications, fields of interest and so on, alongside an exclusive report on ever-growing Telecom industry. Between July and September 2016, The Indian Patent Office (IPO) has published 51598 patent applications and granted 1693 patents.

Based on the detailed patent analysis, we found that QUALCOMM INCORPORATED again tops the applicants list by publishing more than 225 patents and inventions on ‘Supplying air or non-combustible liquids or gases to combustion apparatus by discharging the air beyond the fire, i.e. near to the smoke outlet’ (F23L 9/04) have gained more focus. You can quickly check the other top applicants, most active inventors and the most popular IPC codes in below sections. Click on ‘My MCPaIRS’ to discover more interesting analysis of patent publication patterns for this quarter.
Interesting publications of the quarter

The Indian patent application (201617003575) relates to a peritoneal dialysis bag with self-warming features. The bag comprises an outer coat and a non-electrical heating patch. The heating patch is known to undergo an exothermic reaction when activated and thereby is known to induce the self-warming effect.

This patent application (201621020027) describes the use of low voltage batteries, which can amplify into high voltage LED bulbs.
Powered by MCPaIRSTM Sector Analysis
We bring to you a detailed sector analysis chart for Telecom industry patents compiled from all the patents published in one year.
Telecom Industry Patents-Sector Analysis
Classifications of patents filed by Top companies based on IPC codes:
Innovative Project of the month
Top View Analysis for RADAR TECHNOLOGY
Automated Patent Trend Analysis (without manual categorization)
Molecular Connections' Approach
  • The idea of the study was to understand various trends in the automotive RADAR technology domain without manual categorization of patent records. Technology taxonomy was devised based on various sub-categories in the RADAR domain. Optimum keystrings were framed (CPC class + keyword) for each category to capture the relevant patents (with more than 90% accuracy without manual categorization) directly from the commercial databases.

  • Each sub-domain in RADAR technology was analyzed to find two informations viz. priority filings over the years and top 5 players with filings over the years. With this study, the peaks and dips of every technology became evident and also the timeframes in which the players have focused were found out. Every peak in technology was further analysed and the players contributing to the peaks were also depicted in the study.

  • The technology overlay, timescale and globalisation insights were newer additions in this study. The technology overlay was provided to understand the share of sub-categories in each sub-domain of the technology. Timescale provided the starting & peak time of each sub-domain. With this information both emerging and prevailing technologies were found. Globalisation chart was made based on the WIPO filings to understand the interest of companies in expanding their filings to international level.

  • Various technology trends like - innovation over the years, top countries and their research activities, top players, top inventors & notable inventors profiles were also derived and presented to provide an overview of the domain.

Outcome Molecular Connections presented the technology trends along with executive summary of the search. The study forecasted the players researching in the recent times, inventors who can be contacted for expert opinions and technologies which can be focused for research as they are either interesting for the competitors or still growing in the market.
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Feedback: “Molecular Connections' deliverables were helpful to the client in terms of their research and development direction in RADAR technology. The client asked how the study can be actionable and the same was answered by the experts at Molecular Connections. The client appreciated the effort and has further discussed for an in-depth study in RADAR and a new study in another technology called LIDAR”.
Select news from IPO
The CGPDTM implements automated process for generation and issuance of trademark registration
(29th July, 2016).

Government has invited application for appointment of Technical member (Trademarks) of IPAB
(15th September, 2016).
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