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Query prefix


Sample query

PA Patent Number PA:239260
AN Application Number AN:3113/CHENP/2009
GD Grant Year GD:2010
PD Publication Year PD:2010
TL Title TL:polymer
ABS Abstract ABS:detergent
INV Inventor INV:Robert
DVN Divisional Number DVN:738/MUMNP/2004
APL Applicant APL:Honeywell
CL Claims CL:water
FT Specification FT:image
FDF Filing Date (YYYYMMDD) FDF:20061120
GDF Grant Date (YYYYMMDD) GDF:20120817
PDF Publication Date (YYYYMMDD) PDF:20120210
PRF Priority Date (YYYYMMDD) PRF:20080609
PRN Priority Number PRC:US
PN International Pub. No. AN:WO/2004/094441
AGT Agents Name search AGT:sharma
FML Family Patent search FML:EP1789852A2
TAC Search for Title, Abstract & Claims together TAC:endosulfan
CHM :Y Refine results having chemical structures paracetamol AND CHM:Y
CHM:N Refine results not having chemical structures paracetamol AND CHM:N
SEQ:Y Refine results having sequences protein AND SEQ:Y
SEQ:N Refine results not having sequences protein AND SEQ:N

Sample Queries:
Expert Search
mobile && charger && energy
vehicle || car || automobile
A61K || C07D || C11D

Wild card search
ABS:Nano* AND ABS:Polymer*

Phrase Search:
information storage medium
APL:"Hindustan Unilever Limited"
"fabric treatment composition"
Boolean search
APL:Dupont AND TL:Polymers NOT GD:2007
Liquid AND detergent NOT soap
(toothpaste OR Dentifrice) NOT mouthwash

Proximity search:
"liquid detergent"~2


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