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September 2013

MCPaIRSTM Newsletter: Your connection to the world of Indian Patents and Designs.

MCPaIRSTM additions this quarter:

  • New search field: TAC – New TACtic to simplify searches- Search Title, Abstract AND Claims together. One search for these combined fields. Cover all your bases!
  • MCDESiGNTM - Now Launched!! Now design your future with this Indian Design patent database:- with flexible search options and multiple export options.
  • MCDESiGNTM linked to MCDESiGNTM - Search Patents AND Designs: it’s all in the family!
  • New subscription model - Annual Premium PLUS – with access to more than 500,000 original patents

Quarterly trends in Indian Patent publications – Top applicants, inventors & IPC codes

A quick "at a glance" overview of the companies that have been the most active in filing for Indian patents (last three months). There were 7036 published applications and 920 granted patents issued for previous quarter from Indian Patent Office (IPO).

You can also check the top assignees, most active inventors and the most popular IPC codes.  Just a click on ‘My MCPaIRSTM’ analytics generates user friendly reports.

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Source: The 7036 published applications from last three months.

Interesting publications of the quarter


This robot has got the moves! The Indian patent application (2944/MUM/2013) claims an electric pole climbing robot. The pole climbing robot has the capability to climb over the poles and performs the desired task smoothly. Benefits include, compact body, easy control, and good moves!


Perhaps the able bodied may want it too!
The Indian patent application (2937/MUM/2013) claims a wireless controlled wheel chair cum bed to provide full comfort to the patient at the very reasonable cost to make their lives more easy and self reliant.


Parking fees and tickets no more!!!
The Indian patent application (2930/MUM/2013) claims a portable car, which can be assembled and dissemble whenever necessary. User can carry the car in a suitcase anywhere and if necessary can assembled in less than four minutes.. ready, set, gooooo!!

Select news from IPO

  • Some more acronyms! IPO becomes ISA for PCT applications: Indian Patent office (IPO) starts functioning as International Searching Authority (ISA) and International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) under the PCT from October 15, 2013.
  • Denied! Indian Patent Office (IPO) rejected compulsory licence plea for Dasatinib: IPO has rejected the compulsory license plea for Dasatinib filed by BDR Pharmaceuticals. Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) sells Dasatinib as Sprycel, which is used for treatment of chronic myeloid leukaemia.

Customer Comment

“The Indian Patent data available in MCPaIRSTM is in a very clean and usable format, with loads of added values. The database is very intuitive and helpful in finding the “right” data, in considerably less time.”
-Patent Attorney of a leading Japanese Engineering Company

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Upcoming features in MCPaIRSTM

Addition of all Granted Patents (coverage to be extended from 1912 to till date)… more bang for your buck!
Normalization of all the patent agents names.. no more name games!

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